Erin Willis to open RM 12:20 Bistro at Lake Ridge Village

  • Advocate Lake Highlands

Erin Willis wasn’t planning to open a new restaurant when she called fellow Lake Highlands resident Darrell Hernandez seeking advice. Her catering business, Dinner is Done, was expanding, and she was looking for a commercial kitchen.

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Food talk: “backyard dinners” and fresh recipes

  • Advocate Lake Highlands

In the November Advocate, we told you about neighbor Erin Willis who hosts backyard dinners once a month at her Lake Highlands home. The mom/professional caterer, who someday hopes to open her own restaurant.

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Erin Willis’ Backyard Dinners

  • Advocate Lake Highlands

Once a month, weather permitting, a dozen or so people dine al fresco at a little-known Lake Highlands eatery — the host mingles with guests and, with the help of one assistant, makes the planning and execution of a five-course meal look effortless.

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What’s Happening at RM 12:20?


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